Teen Project Studio at Frieze 2014

Teen Project Studio went to Frieze Art Fair. They were given a prompt: choose a color, photograph artwork in the fair according to the color, and use your photos and videos to make a narrative. Here is what they made.

A day in the life in red by Erika & Maya

“ During the BRAC art trip to Frieze on Randall’s Island I saw multiple pieces that I was very interested in. During the trip I felt multiple emotions and feelings throughout, mainly because of the multiple pieces of the art work being shown. I remember one of the pieces that was my favorite piece which was a blue and yellow mirror, that looked like a window. The frame was yellow and the glass was blue and when you looked at the mirror (window) it seemed funny to you because it was like a funny mirror (because it will make you look funny). *Your neck will be extra long and your body will look extra big* - laugh some !! ”

—    Lejend

"Time for my blue adventure" by Lejend & Albert

The reason behind the Vine “Blue Adventure” is the color blue…obviously. Myself and Albert [The Director] both agreed on that color because it is both of our favorite colors.

There were multiple pieces of blue art in the gallery, and we decided that if there is so much of the blue art, we could just use only 4 pieces which is a little number compared to all the others.

—    Lejend

Mike & Lejend identify the many colors and characters in one street scene

Black and white super cut by Rashawn & Mike

A narrative inspired by yellow by Quinn.

Color blue; Michael puts himself in the installation

To disrupt or not to disrupt?

“ From my trip to Frieze I gained many different experiences from meeting people with a crazy story, from becoming an artist to people that just woke up one day and said “I wanted to be an artist.” There were people who came to Frieze with wacky or crazy funny outfits. There was one man that had a tie that went upward instead of hanging down like a normal tie would. There were artists from all over the world like London, Ukraine, and Australia. ”

—    Albert Nieves